The reality is that numerous unique creatures are killed to make leather some folks associate leather with cattle. Exchanging my once loved non-vegan clothing, with fairly created, top quality vegan alternates was very awful hard at the time (5 years ago) - for me personally there were only a couple of online stores selling the products, & most didn't post to Australia. This, the Vegan Leather Satchel', is DEFINITELY the best purse I've previously ever held, including most of my - selection.

Thousands of nights-old 'bobby' calves delivered into the dairy industry are slaughtered each year in Sydney, with their cases then used-to make bags vegan leather New Zealand boots and other items for the fashion market. Therefore leather can be a 'coproduct' of the meat industry, and could help travel demand for more animals murdered and to be lifted. For creatures like cows and lamb that are murdered for leather and their meat in Australia, lifestyle is not easy.

Vegan Products - another superb, cruelty free wonderland with bags (love the Belperio case above) and wallets galore. I recently purchased my fella a Vegan Items wallet to replace his tatty looking (leather!) Country Road wallet. And, as being a young mom, Kristy was fed up with the limitless ‘same aged' child bags obtainable in merchants therefore her very own was intended by her!